Conversational Marketing is a tool that reduces friction in the sales process and helps to increase the number of potential customers. You have real time conversations which enable people to easily engage with your business or organisation.

How is Conversational Marketing different from conventional methods?
Conversational Marketing uses targeted messaging through intelligent chatbots to engage with the people who visit your website or Social Media pages. This cuts out having to go through lead capture forms and then wait for  response.

Why is Conversational Marketing so effective?
Consumers love messaging because it feels like a conversation. A survey through Twilio showed that 90% of them wanted to use it to communicate with business and that included B2B.
Buyers need a quick route to access what they need. Only 43% answer cold calls, the average email open rate has fallen to 20% and the average landing page conversion rate is just 2.35%. 

How can I get started?
The good news is that you don't have to scrap everything and start again. Conversational Marketing can be used alongside more traditional methods to fast track potential customers. To find out how it can help your business or organisation  Get in touch to arrange an informal chat. 


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