Social Media


It's time to start engaging

There was a time when companies had control over what they produced and sold, what their brand image was and how they delivered these to the customer. Today that control has largely gone. We live in a social world where your customers and potential customers speak to each other about you and where they research products and services before they buy. 

"we are in the age of digital Darwinism - organisations need to adapt or die."   Brian Solis

Social media can no longer be ignored as a communication or marketing tool no matter what industry you operate in. Customers are now your brand ambassadors. 
Social Media Marketing is now a powerful tool that is vital whether your market is B2B, B2C or Third Sector. Changes to the Google search algorithm now rewards good, fresh content that people want to share.  In the words of Brian Solis, strategist and author, 'we are in the age of digital Darwinism - organisations need to adapt or die.' 

Social Media - it's here to stay

​Even today, with Social Media a part of our daily lives, organisations often fall into the trap of losing valuable time when they first start exploring social media and this invariably colours their view on it's effectiveness. It's so easy to get distracted by fun posts or spending too much time on your favourite websites. DLH will help you both develop a social media strategy suitable for your business goals and manage your day to day social conversations across the chosen platforms. We will work together to: 

  • engage existing and potential customers 

  • generate leads 

  • drive traffic to your website and increase SEO ranking 

  • establish you as a 'go to' organisation for your market. 

Set up

prepare a report that looks at the following areas:

  • Looking at social media trends of your industry

  • Identifying how your customers and potential customers are using social media

  • Identifying their needs and interests

  • Looking at competitor use of social media

  • Establishing influencers within your industry to follow 

  • Research optimum timings and establish a schedule